Hi everyone, this is Xie Xinying.I'm here today for a very useful thing.I wonder if everyone is like me.When you wake up in the morning.But I found your face was very edema.Because my own face is up early in the morning.Will swell like a pig's head.So how can i make my face.Drain the water quickly.Then make your face the best.Make-up artist apply makeup.

How to get rid of face swelling in the morning

First of all, I will teach you first.massage.After normal maintenance procedures are completed.I will use some more.More moisturizing lotion.Because when you massageIf you do n’t have oil on your face.It's actually very difficult to push.And this will actually form wrinkles.I'll start with a large area.Go up first.Makes your face hydrated.After the end.I will go up one level.Locally.Is where you want to massage.I will be where I will press.Where to touch.I will go up one level.OK this time.I will teach you both.Two different.The same way.But there are two ways.One is with or without props.Massage equipment can be placed.Lymph gland.Is the most susceptible part of the face.I would push like this.From below the ear.Carry on like this.Just like when you usually go for a massage.

When pressing the whole body.The master will tell you.To open the air knot.Your blood will be smooth.What will happen then.In fact, this is our Qi knot.The bad things here are all in the air.Will accumulate here.So your face will look.Water will accumulate hereSo press this.Then when you press you will findIt hurts a bit.There will be one by one.Those are the part.Then all you have to do is open itSometimes if I go out to film.If I did n’t bring the props.I will use my hand.Hands are really versatile.

First you have to apply lotion.After applying lotion.Why do I choose the joint of my hand.Because the force here is the greatest.There will be rugged places here to help you.Because if you use something that is too smooth.Just like touching.Nothing feels.So you can make some effort.Same as just now.

From chin to joints.Then down.You can actually do something at this time.It ’s like myself.It ’s more abnormal.I may be out.Work harder.After doing this hard.Where to take.There will be a hole here.Call it a drainage hole.Is to take your excess water.Pull up.Then take it down.You massage both sides like this.About two or three minutes.You can have a very.It's just your original face.Then you can be natural.I'll go for makeup.


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