Saponin rice, commonly known as snow lotus seed, is a high-energy, low-fat food, an artifact for women's beauty. Saponin rice has the effects of nourishing the heart and clearing the pulse, clearing the liver and eyesight, moisturizing and nourishing, and refreshing qi, etc. It is suitable for all ages, and a bowl of drink every day can make the skin firmer.The delicious dried bamboo shoots cover the nutritional functions of dried bamboo shoots.

Eat more of these 6 alkaline foods to maintain skin firmness and youthfulness

 A bowl of fried pork with dried bamboo shoots is simply the best game in winter.Dried bamboo shoots are rich in trace elements such as amino acids, proteins, and cellulose. The dietary fiber it contains also has the effect of increasing appetite, which can make people eat more and not get fat.

A woman does not have to eat bird's nest to make up her body. First, it is too expensive, and second, it is too troublesome to cook. At this time, the [twin sisters] Xueyan of bird's nest can be considered.Xueyan is a top product for nourishing women. It is rich in nutrients, moisturizing and moisturizing, enhancing human immunity, making the skin plump, firm and elastic.The beauty-loving women are eating peach gum, full of collagen is eaten, the taste is smooth, and the taste is absolutely amazing.

Some studies have shown that eating peach gum has a significant effect on lowering blood fat, and peach gum is rich in fat and protein, which has the effect of anti-wrinkle and tender skin.Drinking tea made with dried lilies often makes men stronger and more attractive.Lily is white and delicate. Fresh products are rich in mucus and vitamins, which are beneficial to the metabolism of skin cells. Frequent consumption of lilies has a certain cosmetic effect. At the same time, eating lilies often can also improve men's immunity.White lotus seeds are rich in starch, protein, and raffinose. They are good medicinal tonics. Porridges are delicious and delicious, with high nutritional value.Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that lotus seeds [crossing the heart and kidneys, thick intestines and stomach, solid essence and gas, strong bones and bones, tonic deficiency, sharpening eyes, removing cold and dampness, stopping spleen and bleeding for a long time] have multiple effects.

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