the Sorabee Skin Care series from Korea

Today I'm introducing you a skin care series:It is the Sorabee Skin Care series from Korea.First of all, let me share with you the interesting part of the name Sorabee itself.I was told that "Sora" means ocean in Korean and "bee" the insect.It also means honey.

Hence, "Sorabee" meanshoney from the ocean.I think that it is named precisely as the key ingredients of this series are truly the essence of the ocean.The key ingredients are:Firstly, the Starfish collagenAccording to the research, starfish collagen, comparing with other commonly used collagen,actually penetrates better in our skin.

The other two key ingredients aresea water and ocean spa plankton extract.I specially requested this range as I have sensitive skin.It is the Balancing Serieswhich suits my weak,dehydrating andcombination skin.Let's begin with the cleansing lotion which removes make ups.

Let me do a test on the water resistant mascara apply a little begin to rub gently and you will see residue has been dissolved. Then tissue off, leaving skin feeling clean.I'm quite impressed by the result.After removing the make up  followed by the foam cleanser and toner.

What comes right after?Always let your skin to absorb the finest products first and that is always will be the essence.The essence looks quite rich and thick .It contains starfish collagen and thus it may looked sticky but will be easily absorbed.Once again, after using the toner remember to proceed to the essence.

Next, the balancing lotion.I feel heavy at the beginning but after the absorption.I don't feel oily at all..I think it is all because of the collagen that is working throughout the procedure.This is my favourite of the series that is the Balancing Aqua Cream.It comes in cream but when you started to massage.It immediately turns into visible water drop that is unbelievable I love this product very much.It is super moisturising.Tired and dehydrating skin will need this.Let's move on to the eye cream very fine texture and it also contains starfish collagen.

This will be the final procedure that is the cream.It covers up everything that has applied to the skin.Let your deeper skin layers benefit from the products..Don't forget to apply sunblock if your are going out. This provides SPF 30 PA++ of protection.I think it is sufficient for average sun exposure.Regarding the pricing.It is within RM50 to RM100.

As they are now looking for more shopping spots to reach more people.please do not hesitate to learn more about this brand.They are currently located at Subang Main Place.The Mines Shopping Mall and Taiping Mall.

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