Dave loved eating chocolates pizza, burgers, and everything else that was called 'junk'. He ate junk food for every meal of the day, "honey it's fine to have all of this once in a while, but you must eat healthy foods like vegetables, cereals, breads, fruits, chicken, fish etc. Dave just kept ignoring any advice. One day his mom decided that she won't cook food for Dave. She told him to feed himself. He ordered and pizzas, burgers, and Chinese having freedom to eat anything made him extremely happy. 


Every day Dave would go out and eat chocolate chips and all sorts of Street and junk food. Gradually, however he realised that he wasn't enjoying outside food as much as he did before. 

He started to feel sick and lazy and he decided to go to a doctor. When Dave put on his shirt, all of his shirts buttons popped out. What? My shirt has shrunk. Next he tried to put on his pants but too didn't fit him anymore. Dave tried to fit into all of his clothes but every shirt popped and every pant ripped. All of my clothes have shrunk!

What do I do now? he began to cry and felt confused Dave decided to starve himself to lose weight but whenever he felt hungry he lost control and ended up eating junk food again. Soon he became bigger and it became difficult for him to walk.

He felt lazy all the time. At school, everyone began to call him fatty which made him sad. One day he went to mom and told her, everything I told you not to eat so much junk food and now look at what it has done to you? But what should I do now? Control!  the best way to stay healthy is to have healthy food. You can enjoy your favorite food once in a while, but have a balanced diet. Exercise regularly have fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. 

Dave felt encouraged. He began eating vegetables and fruits. He exercise daily, and once in a while he would treat himself with a small burger or fries. Soon, he was back in to normal shape. Nobody made fun of him at school. His mom felt felt proud of him and he felt happier than before.