In the previous video explaining Higgs Field.An enthusiastic netizen ordered.Want me to make a video about telomeres.Although I was infected by his passion.Accidentally agreed.But I decided to explain.What exactly is telomere.Because I'm telomere.because I am a man of all words!

《Three Minutes Science》 Episode 6-Don't Regard What Skin Is Frozen.Telomeres are actually talking about us.Chromosome head and tail.A special structure.Besides he can stop two adjacent.Chromosomes stick together.There is also a more famous feature.That acts as a counter for cell life.Da!You should know our body will.Rely on cell division to supplement.Broken or depleted cells.And at the same time the.

DNA will be copied togetherThe guys responsible for copying the DNA though.Very hard and hard.But they still have some flaws.This allows each copy process.There must be a way to copy it in the last place.This is a big problem.You should have heard DNA is like.The Blueprint of Cells.If you copy the house blueprint every time.Time is missing.It may be okay at first but you print a few times.This built house may be ... um ....Correct.

When you can't switch to a better photocopier.To solve this problem is actually very.Simple, you just need to leave a little blank on the blueprint..And this gap in DNA is called telomeres.Da!So whenever the cell dividesTelomeres will be short.Scientists find telomeres in cells.Short to a certain extent.The cell will enter retirement.No more division or even suicide.Naturally someone will think.Is the restriction brought by telomeres to our body?Does age matter?Actually, older people.Average length of telomeres in body cells.Really shorter.

Conversely, if the average telomere length in your white blood cells is shorter.The easier it is for you to get many age-related diseases like.Cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and vascular dementia.Da Da Da Da! Da Da!.So what determines the telomere length of my cells?

In addition to genes that determine telomere length.Known to accelerateSomething that shortens telomere length.Obesity, inactivity, and chronic stress.The most important thing is to smoke too much.Clam? Then I'm round and not exercising for so long.Are you destined to die young?.Good luck last month.Only a recent study shows.If you start eating healthier now.Get more exercise and stress management.The telomere length of your white blood cells is likely after five years.Increase without reduction.Clam? So troublesome ....Is there any medicine that can directly make telomeres longer?.Are you too lazy ....Clam? 

Are you too lazy ?In fact, you are too lazy in most animals ....Actually most animals.Have an enzyme called telomerase.It can extend the length of telomeres in cells.But the problem is this enzyme.Only in stem cells and cancer cells.Clam? Then why don't we put.This medicine ... this enzyme.Just hit all the cells.Telomeres are actually a form of prevention.Mechanism of malignant cancer.But some scientists made a group of mice immune to cancer.Telomerase.The average life span of these mice.Really increased.But unfortunately.This is just an experiment on mice.There is still a long way to go before it can be applied to humans.Clam? Then what if.What should I do when I am old?.Then you don't have to worry.There is another experiment showing.Telomerase can even make it appear.Old-aged mice recover young.So as long as you become a dead monkey.Before this technology came out.You have a chance to return to old age.Finally I want to take this opportunity to investigate.If technology allows.Would you like to live forever?

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