Do you know the ingredients are important for daily face application?My skin is sensitive.Lack of water and summer.The T-shaped part is very oily. I am very scared.The whole skin is sticky and then applied.More stuffy.So in addition to the essence, I have general care products..Special requests will be requested.The mask is also my usual maintenance.An important step.

Because it is sealed maintenance, within these 15 minutes.Densely penetrate the active ingredients in the cloth membrane.Penetrates into the basal layer of your skin.I will definitely choose fragrance-free, alcohol-free and fluorescentBecause these three problems can cause severe skin allergies.May not feel right now but it will become sensitive skin after long time use.I especially recommend the ingredients.The king of moisturizing now.Hyaluronic acid 4.0 water film magnetic.This ingredient is fine in moisturizing.With elasticity these three skins.Very good performance in the most important part.So it will not be sticky at all after use.Moisturizing enhancement and lasting.The meticulousness is improved, and the flexibility is also improved!The traditional cloth film is almost.Are made from petrochemical or pulp.The skin will feel a bit pungent when usedEven when you apply it, you will feel very bored right away.Very thick. None of the essence can be released for absorption by the skin.Over time the skin will.Skin becomes sensitive.

So choosing mask paper is also very important.I recommend with down cloth film.Is 100% natural cotton wool.Inside of natural cotton woolOnly 10% fine cotton wool so from this 10%.Extracted into a down fabricAnd it must be paired with Japanese silk satin.To extract it.So it can be said that it is very tedious.General polyester fiber cloth film.There is a lot of serum in the package because of poor water absorptionIt's a pity,but the velvet film.Very high water absorption and can.Completely released on the surface of the skin! You will find.Good air permeability.Slightly visible skin tone.So it is not stuffy and can be released effectively.All the nutrients into the basal layer of your skin.To help your skin nourish.36.Oh! 45!.Oil and water have soared to four square meters!You see its moisturizing effect is real.Can see!Look at the freshness.Reassure everyone.Take a look ~ This is oil-absorbing tissue.See if he.Refreshing enough! You see completely absorbed!Because hyaluronic acid helps you hydrate a lot.Lock and store water.No need to wash it away! Look at that gloss.And the fineness of the skin.So if you are the kind that dries to have thick pores or is very oily ...

Hyaluronic acid 4.0 water film magnetic can replenish skin with a lot of water.And the absorption is very goodGet hydrated! Then the shine will be OUT!Then your pores will be very fine.After applying Angel Kiki's Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask.You will notice that the skin is very beautifulThat's because your cells are full of water.Therefore, the moisturizing degree is improved, and the firmness is also improved.The point is that the skin's gloss is very beautiful.And the flexibility is also very good! After i use.Skin is hydrated, translucent and shiny.
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