Today I ’m here to share with you.Although skin quality is related to genes.But it ’s also important to develop.I believe if I do n’t develop these good habits.My skin is not like this now.The video will show everyone first.The video will show everyone first.I usually come back to introduce.How do I deal with acne and acne at the moment.Let me share my usual lifestyle.But at 12 o'clock.So I will add him in the description.


The first point is very little sweets.At present, whether eating sweets will affect the occurrence of acne.There is support and opposition.But myself is Rarely eat sweets.In addition to friends and colleagues invited me to eat.I do n’t usually buy sweets by myself.Then this is for your reference.

The second point is a less oily and less stimulating diet.

The third point is not staying up all night.

Fourth point release pressure.Excessive stress can cause endocrine disorders.Lead to poor keratin metabolism.I go to exercise when I'm in a bad mood.If you want to know  how do i arrange exercise in my life.Can refer to my video.I put the link on it.

Fifth point do not touch the skin with your hands.Time other than face wash.Stop touching your face with your hands.There are many bacteria in our hands that we can't see.

The sixth point is not massaging or pulling skin.

The seventh wash your face with cold water.I wash my face with cold water all year round.If it is too hot, it will take away some healthy oil on the face.

Eighth, drink plenty of water.If you do n’t drink 2000cc.No matter how many skin care products.

Neither will help the skin nor will it be good.Then if it is really difficult to swallow the water.I would recommend everyone.You can add lemon to the water and Vitamin C is also good for our skin.Wash your face with water only in the ninth morning

Tenth point to do good moisturizing.If your skin lacks moisture.The cuticles will dry out.The pores will appear coarse.Eleventh point, use the right care products.

If you have any questions, please seek medical treatment immediately.I really talked about drooling.If you have skin problems.Stop crawling online.Don't buy anything yourself.Let's do it yourself.Then rubbed and allergic.I sincerely recommend everyone.Go directly to a professional doctor.This is right 6 to 11 points mentioned above.

I have shared it in the maintenance program before.Friends who want to know can refer to my video.I put the link on it.About acne I still want.First emphasize very, very.Is that the problem must be solved first.Don't waste time and money after processing the consequences.Acne removal film, wonderful nose sticker, youth stick.These things are too harmful to the skin.Do not use if you can.

So the methods I want to share now are.I use it occasionally.After all, we will still have.When sebum is secreted too much.I went to Thailand to play 8 days ago.That blackhead is really.Scared the baby a lot.

Everyone should know before using mud film.Wash your face first.Before using mud film.I won't exfoliate first.


Anyway, it ’s normal face washing.Before using mud film.Be sure to dry your face.The mud film I will use is.Very common mud film of volcanic mud.Dry your hands before digging it.Oh wipe where you feel troubled.Don't laugh anymore after you wipe it.If your boyfriend is making trouble with you.You hit him.Don't hesitate to wipe this.Apply it thickly without seeing the skin.Try not to paint around the eyes.

Fragile around the eyes.It's dry enough around the eyes.I didn't take that seriously.Hm ~ why should i show.I use a volcanic mud film because.I'm afraid that someone would think it would be misunderstood.As long as it is applied, it is considered a mud film..But I use the kind of mud film that makes acne float.Not the one with tearing.

The next good time you can blow your hair.I just blew my hair.When you want to wash off the mud.I won't rub him directly.Put some water on it first.Oh water just dissolves it.It ’s better to wash it later.Don't rub your skin too hard.After washing my face.Drying your face is just like your normal maintenance routine..Moisturizing must be done.Because the mud film willAbsorb the oil in our pores.

So make sure to keep it moisturizedThen I won't go there if I do.What rubs the water.Because I think the mud film.Didn't we expand our pores?.Doesn't seem to need convergence.Just rub the general care products.The second one we recommend is.Acne clips must be disinfected with alcohol first.Put out a little bit of acne.Then I am now.No acne can be caught.So I use unprofessional diagrams.

Let everyone see.Does acne look like this?The acne clip is going to be horizontal.Perpendicular to acne.Then clamp the shallow head and don't put it.Don't put it.Straight up.Pinch out acne.These two are the more gentle ways I think.In addition, when you have to.Like whiteheads on my face for a week.I will send out this bending clip.In a crooked place.Squeeze that acne out.Would use this method because.My skin is too sensitive.

Not suitable for use with acidsWhat about acne?The way I usually use is .Ignore.Do n’t touch it, do n’t squeeze him.Let it grow naturally and peel off.Why do n’t you rub the medicine when you have acne?Because there are many causes of acne.Without knowing it again.I really don't recommend buying medicine to wipe it yourself.Seek help from a professional physician.Also note.Are you allergic to A-alcohol.Because I started very earlyWhen going to the dermatology.

I didn't know anything at that timeThen take the medicine given by the doctor and rub it home.After rubbing it, I found.Swelling is more severe.Then itchy.

After going back and forth several times.Slowly communicate with the physicianI realized that I was allergic to A acid and alcoholAfter that heAre no longer prescribed me with these two ingredients.Is the most, the most mildest acne medicine.That acne is really accidentalWhat if you break it? Please dry the blood and tissue fluid.Stick artificial leather.Helps skin heal.Only one piece of artificial leather.More than a hundred.Can be cut into small piecesToo much cheaper than acne stickers.

They are basically the same thing.Some medicinal acne stickers will be added.Some anti-inflammatory ingredients are inside.And then put some powder on it.When you post it.Can fix that acne.But I think it ’s still obvious.No effect of modification.I think it's better to stick artificial skin.The above are my maintenance habits and methods.For your reference.The purpose is to hope that everyone will not spend some money blindly to deal with acne and acne.Do n’t blindly spend a bunch of care products to wipe.

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