It's about beauty, money, and lifestyle.
It's about beauty, money, and lifestyle

If you come to this channel for the first time.Remember to follow me on this channel.And like me this video.It was mentioned before in the IG post.How do you make guests come to you.As if you go fishing.Although I don't want to describe my reader or guest as a fish.But I think it ’s easy or obvious for everyone.I take this as an example.We are the people fishing on the shore.

Obviously our readers or guests are fish.And what we send is fishing lures.Many times we use fishing lures to stand on the shore and wait.Until the fish belly is hungry, they think they need you.Know you are nearby.I will naturally come to you.No more commentary directly into the topic.

Today I will share five ways to attract guests.How to make guests come to you.The first is to understand your core values.I know exactly what I sell.Who is your target audience.Actually I have said this many times before.

So i won't repeat it here.Anyway remember to be true.The second thing I want to share is that you need to appear frequently.Because when you no longer think of social media as an entertainment.Is an interest.And you make it a career.If we develop like this.This is your job.And you need to take it seriously.You take yourself seriously.And take your audience seriously.

The internet is a very fast-paced thing.Actually you appear once or twice.People tracked so many accounts.I wo n’t actually see what you ’re doing all at once.And the value you remember.We need to recurring.To build awareness, like and trust.So many people appear every day to post.

Appear, post what you want to say.If you do n’t show up often.Actually you will soon be overwhelmed by others.Some things you do n’t do yourself.Many people will do it.It's worth mentioning that don't appear for the sake of appearance.Your presence comes with value.When you put IG and internet platforms as a profession.

What to share on this platform.Will bring a value all concentrated.Don't show up to post irrelevant content.That is, sometimes it is okay to share one or two lives.But you need to have a purpose.You need to have a center to share.If you are related to beauty.You continue to share beauty.Just don't share beauty suddenly share exercise.Unless the two are related.Otherwise, it ’s hard for readers to know.

What exactly is your account about.The third point to share is to provide value.What I just mentioned is every occurrence.Share your information every time.Need to be concentrated.Meaning they need to share the information they need.Go to the audience.Then you provide your answer.To help them solve problems.And you often share these values.Over time, she will remember that you are an expert on this subject.

The fourth share is sales.You have good products, good value.You need to let others know.You need to sell.Many people are afraid to do this step.Because many people think that selling to others is aggressive.Or something exciting.Very worried about audience dislike.Maybe you feel like providing value continuously.If they like, they will come to me automatically.Continuous value.Is a more passive approach.Is a more gentle way to make the audience know you.To accept you.But after others know you and trust you.You all need to show others that you have some merchandise availableOr you have courses and products to sell.The fifth point is repetition and persistence.Maybe you speak to the wall for a while.Because others didn't understand you when you first started.

Don't know you  what you are doing.But you need to keep doing it.Share your value continuously.Continue to share exactly what value you can provide to others.Make a simple example.You pursue a girlWon't propose to her on the first day.You will spend all your heart.Slowly understand what he likes.Understand what he likes to eat.Everyone builds trust with each other.And then finally get married..

In fact, online entrepreneurship is the same.You need to build awareness, like and trust.Instead you are a guest yourself.You will go shopping.See different things.When you see a favorite product.You may not buy immediately.Except that product is very affordable.Otherwise you will go for price.Or refer to the same type of product.If you compare it, you will find this business very honest.The quality of the goods sold is very good.

The response is good.You will pay for him.A very random example.If someone suddenly opens a noodle shop,Would you patronize him.You may not.But if it ’s the young lady who loves to go home,You might consider patronizing herBecause I love to go home every night I see the big ladyProbably know who she is.Know, have LIKE.Just because you know a little about her.So if she opens a noodle shop.It will be easier to hook your desire to patronize her.If you like this type of sharing.Can track my IG.Because I often appear in STORY.And I upload a new post every day.Also like beauty content.

Can refer to my blog.Because this channel originally talked about beauty.Gradually many people are interested in my entrepreneurial story.So I started sharing more entrepreneurial experiences.And my knowledge.Less in terms of beauty.Usually shared on my blog.If you are interested, you can watch it.I have the previous Youtube videos that share beauty.And go to my blog to watch.These two episodes share how to find guests.And how to make guests come to you.Next time I will share the promotional methods I used.What are the most useful.And those are the most wasteful.

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